Hi there, welcome to the revolutionary new website of the Best West School of Motoring!

We have established an excellent customer base and we have worked tirelessly to bring our students the best quality driving lessons to our driving test candidates in Galway. Coupled with an unbeatable pass rate, it is indeed a challenging task to better the Best West School of Motoring.

As a school of motoring/driving school, the services and special learner offers we are now going to provide are going to set a benchmark for all other driving instructors to follow to wake the competition up and push everyone into providing a top class service.


What we provide:

  • We cater for all driving levels from learner (nervous beginners welcome) to pre-test and beyond.
  • Driving lessons in student or Instructor's car.
  • Dual Control cars
  • Pre-test specialist
  • All Test routes in Galway covered Gift vouchers for all occasions
  • Insurance Discount with First Ireland equal to 1 year no claims bonus.
  • Patience in abundance

The best way is to improve any student's driving skill is by giving them more road time before the actual driving test with a professional full ADI driving instructor, to pass on their experience, critic and commend the learner where necessary. In addition, keep an eye over general proceedings. Practice makes perfect, so the more time a learner driver is on the road, the better. Therefore, the best solution is for the student to have a car to practice in outside of the driving instructor's car. However, due to the extraordinary high running costs of cars in Ireland, we are delighted to be bringing forward a new initiative for our learner drivers. They can get extra driving lessons and practice time on the road at greatly discounted rates, this time can be spent going over test routes, getting to grips with motorway driving or whatever they feel they would like to do.

Giving our driving school students the best possible driving tuition and value for money was always our aim and we have defiantly achieved it this time. Our goal is to treat every driving test candidate as our number 1 priority and we will give you everything we have got in order for you to succeed.

It is so important that every learner driver who is getting ready to sit a driving test is as ready as they possibly can be. However, the driving test is not the end of the story because they have to be ready to tackle our countryís ever-busier and more perilous roads. It is very important that all of our driving students are at their best, and we are going to put our money where our mouth is!

As we expand and grow, we will be adding new driving instructors and technology to the Best West School of Motoring. The problem with expanding any company is that the bigger it becomes the less personal it becomes and the harder it is to maintain exceptionally HIGH teaching standards for our learners. In an effort to eventually give the Best West School of Motoring a nationwide presence and help change the face of driving instruction in Ireland, we will be recruiting a few hand-picked, extremely talented driving instructors for the job to maintain the high level of quality that we offer.

Fortunately, for all of our new driving school students, you can be assured that every instructor that has the Best West School of Motoring on the side of their car will be committed to providing the highest level of driving instruction possible and will have passed their Full Approved Driving Instructor tests (required by the RSA). For safety and as additional teaching tools, on board cameras and parking sensors will be put in place in our cars to help record and analyse your lessons. This improves instruction by giving you instant visual feedback on where you went wrong. Driver aids will be phased out during the lessons to help prepare you for your test.

Our hand-picked driving instructors are naturally skilled and are both competent and confident of delivering the highest level of driving test instruction possible. Combined with dynamic training methods, foresight, drive and a natural ability to instruct, we will get you through the driving test with much ease. That is what's making us the first choice for driving lessons in Galway.

Driving you Forward to Success... Is not a catchphrase but is a FACT with The Best West School of Motoring!

So select your first gear and call us free NOW!!!